10 Reasons to Visit a Kitchen Showroom When Planning Your New Kitchen

Planning a new kitchen is exciting. In fact, you might have been dreaming about it for years! But where do you even start? While there’s plenty of inspiration online, nothing beats seeing different options in person and so visiting a showroom is an invaluable step. Before you commit to your dream kitchen, here’s why you should absolutely plan a trip to explore your local kitchen showroom(s). 

1. Get Inspired

Kitchen showrooms such as Colourhill Kitchen and Bedrooms in Lincoln are packed with stunning kitchen displays in a range of colours, styles and finishes. You’ll usually see everything from ultra-modern designs to cosy, traditional spaces. Strolling through a showroom will help you pinpoint the kind of look you love and narrow down possibilities. Plus, you’re likely to get ideas for clever features or design details you might have overlooked. 

But a kitchen showroom isn’t just about cabinets and worktops. It lets you actually step into a range of kitchen layouts. Seeing these life-sized displays can revolutionise your perspective! You might have had your heart set on a kitchen island but realise a peninsula is a better alternative which would give you more space, or the rich blue colour you fell in love with on Instagram looks completely different in real life! 

2. Experience and Test Products Firsthand

You can’t judge the quality of kitchen cabinets, worktops, and appliances from a photo and actually, online images can be deceiving. Seeing products in person lets you touch them, assess materials, and try out all the moving parts, ensuring the quality meets your expectations and suits your personal style. 

What’s more, a kitchen is a functional space where every drawer, cupboard, and appliance plays a crucial role. Whilst visiting a showroom, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the products—open doors, slide drawers, and maybe even test the gadgets. Are the soft-close drawers smooth and quiet? Does the laminate worktop feel robust or a bit flimsy? This hands-on experience can influence your decisions, helping you choose elements that offer long-lasting style, quality and functionality. 

3. Meet Your Kitchen Designer and Ask Questions

Choosing a kitchen involves collaboration, and what better way to start than by meeting your designer in person? A showroom visit allows you to establish a rapport with the designer, providing a sense of their expertise and personality. This connection can be crucial as you work together to craft your dream kitchen. 

Having direct access to experts also means all your queries can be addressed in real-time. Whether it’s about the durability of materials or the installation process, getting answers on the spot can clarify doubts and streamline your decision-making process.

4. Discover the Latest Tech and Storage Solutions

Kitchens are getting smarter every year and kitchen showrooms are the best place to get hands-on with the latest gadgets and innovative storage options. You might find a boiling water tap is a must-have, or the fridge that lets you know when it’s running low on food, or else perhaps you’ll be wowed by clever corner storage systems that completely transform awkward and frustrating spaces!

5. Free Kitchen Design Consultations and Quotes

Building a ballpark budget early on is essential, and your local kitchen showrooms can help. Most showrooms offer a complimentary design consultation and quote. Use this service to see potential kitchen layouts, understand what works in your space, and get an initial estimate of costs. This tailored advice can be invaluable in aligning your vision with your budget. 
Particularly if you’ve only got a vague idea of what you want, a kitchen design service is really important. While you can get design services online, nothing beats an in-person consultation. They can discuss your lifestyle, needs, and budget alongside the practical limitations of your space. That way, you’ll get tailored advice to avoid making expensive mistakes. 

6. Understanding Different Kitchen Pricing Tiers

Kitchen investments vary widely based on materials, brands, designs and high-tech appliances, and it can easily become overwhelming trying to navigate the myriads of choices. Showrooms can provide a clear breakdown of pricing tiers, helping you understand where your budget fits and what options are available within different price ranges. This transparency is essential for financial planning and avoiding unexpected costs and your kitchen designer can then work with you to refine your dream design and work within your budget. 

7. Support Local Businesses and Discover Unique Designs

Many impressive kitchen showrooms are independent retailers. Spending your money locally supports your community and allows you to develop a relationship with people directly involved in the design and installation process, something often lost with larger-scale or online companies. Independent kitchen showrooms often provide more unique and creative designs compared to big-brand retailers. They may also offer competitive pricing due to lower overhead costs. Visiting these showrooms can uncover hidden gems that will truly make your kitchen stand out.

8. Explore Various Kitchen Brands, Colours and Samples

Kitchen showrooms display a wide array of brands and colour schemes, including combinations you may not find online or think to combine yourself. Choosing the right colours and materials can be challenging and this exposure can inspire a unique kitchen palette that perfectly matches your personal taste. 

Many showrooms offer samples you can take home, allowing you to see how different options look under your home’s lighting and against other elements of your interior. This can prevent colour clashes and ensure a harmonious design. 

9. Make Sure it Looks and ‘Feels Right’

It’s hard to picture how different finishes will look in your own home. That white gloss kitchen cabinet door might appear dazzling in a showroom, but what about under your existing kitchen lighting? Visiting a showroom gives you the ability to compare colours and materials side-by-side to determine what works best with your space.  

Online, you’re mainly focused on the visuals. Yet the best kitchens aren’t just beautiful, they have that certain intangible “something” that feels perfect. Sitting on a bar stool, opening drawers, and imagining yourself cooking there can help you figure out if a design is actually liveable for you. It’s about finding the layout and style that just clicks! 

10. Exclusive Product Access and Events

Some showrooms provide exclusive access to products and further benefits not available elsewhere. For example, Colour House Interiors near Oxted is a Siemens 5-Star iQ Design Studio which gives them access to exclusive promotions from Siemens. This award also recognises their staff have completed advanced appliance training up to Siemens approved standards. 
Many kitchen showrooms will also often host regular events like cooking demonstrations, where you can see different appliance brands and tools in action. These experiences make the showroom visit more enjoyable but also give you a clearer understanding of product functionality.

Things to Consider Before Visiting a Kitchen Showroom

To make the most of your kitchen showroom experience, here are a few ideas to help you prepare: 

  • Measure up! Have the dimensions of your intended kitchen space and an idea of the existing layout on hand, as well as a few photos.  
  • Collect inspiration: Images, swatches, and a list of your wants and needs help give your kitchen designer a great starting point for understanding your taste and personal kitchen goals.  
  • Budget: Try to come up with a general idea of what you’re willing to spend – be honest about this! 
  • Questions: Prepare a list of any specific questions or concerns you may have. 

Beyond the Kitchen Showroom Floor

While visiting a kitchen showroom, take the opportunity to discuss timelines, delivery options, and aftercare services. Understanding the full scope of services offered can help in selecting a showroom that doesn’t just sell products but also supports you through the installation process and beyond. 

In conclusion, a kitchen showroom visit is more than just shopping—it’s an essential part of creating a kitchen that fits your lifestyle, needs, and aesthetics. It allows you to interact with products, design professionals, and even other homeowners, all of which can provide insights and inspiration that are invaluable in the kitchen planning process. So before making any further decisions, make sure a kitchen showroom visit is at the top of your to-do list!